My World of Smiling Faces Childcare and Tutoring Center
My World of Smiling Faces Childcare and Tutoring Center

"Continuing the Circle of Developing our Youth"

Mentoring completes the circle of development

“Raising a child never ends...We continue our program for the youth. Too young to be on their own and too old for child care, that awkward age of uncertainty…where to go and what to do? Well, we have a solution for you”…


Being a “Tween” up to “voting age” can feel a bit confusing for them, but we have the perfect program to help with all the troubles a Jr. high and high-schooler can go through…During the school year we have a variety of projects that help our youth become well rounded citizens and help prepare them for their future…Community services and college prep are the main goals of our program. We also teach basic home economics which include cooking, housekeeping, basic vehicle mechanics, landscaping and financial management. These are all the needs that one must possess in life to live independently. The college prep programs consist of basic preparations for our young adult to do before graduating high-school. We assist in test preparations for the SAT and the ACT, registration for testing, college “search and fit”, and a college resume for your high school senior.


During the summer months, we continue our programs but with a much longer “work day”. The community services that we head allow the young adults to work with the children in our center, the senior citizens in our community, the police department, fire department and the park services as well.


Our program promotes dependability and responsibility in our youth. Knowing your child is self-sufficient, reliable, dependable and safe is our goal. Learning never ends, and looking at our youth knowing they will soon be our future drives us to educate as many as we can to ensure the success of our country…We’re doing our part…


A one time $50.00 registration fee plus a $25 per week activity fee per young adult. We will teach them how to transition themselves from a "carefree kid", into a responsible young man/woman.  Our "Girls to Strong Women" and our "Boys to Strong Men" programs will help our young adults achieve a strong educational understanding of day to day life that will encourage continued growth in education and self development. We help develope a strong self esteem, self awareness, individual direction and proper etiquette along with basic home maintainance skills and economics.

All forms must be filled out completely before registering for the program

Staff Hand Book
Responsibilities and Duties of all staff (Volunteer, Community Service Workers, Mentoring, Internship, Part-time and Full-time)
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Mentoring Program Form
This allows us to help assist you in preparing our youth for their future.
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Mentoring Program Release Form
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Teen Programs 13-15 years old 16-18 years old


Tutoring Sessions and Project/Report Assistance


Drop off time-

6:00 pm

Drop off time-

6:00 pm

Cost $50.00 Weekly $50.00 Weekly $35 Hourly

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My World of Smiling Faces Family Childcare Center

6 weeks - 5 years old

(not in all day school)

4516 Maple Rd.

Suitland, MD 20746


My World Tutoring Center and Before and After Care Program

Children 5 (in all day school) - 12 years of age


My World Mentoring Program

Children 13-15 years of age


My World Special Needs and Education Program

Children 6 weeks - 22 years of age 



301 806-3500




Business hours

School agers (5 to 12 years old)

Monday - Friday 6:30am-6:00pm


All Dayers (6weeks to 5 years old not in school)

9 hour blocks must be established.

Monday - Friday 6:30am-5:30pm


*Mentoring Programs

Monday - Thursday (Classes / Meetings / Sessions / Training)

Scheduled appointments only



Saturday (12:00pm-2:00pm)

by appointment only



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We adhere to ALL safety rules and guidelines.  A mask must be worn at all times. 6 feet apart for social distancing. Wash hands often and use hand sanitizer when needed.


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