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Summer Enrichment Camp



We are so glad you chose My World of Smiling Faces to be your summer place of enrichment and enjoyment. We promise to have a wonderful summer this year and now hopefully because we have you to enjoy the fun with us, it can only get better.


Parents please note the prices listed below are the cost for trips from the previous year. All costs will include admission, equipment use, snacks, or souvenirs for each field trip except for swimming. I do not believe in snacking while swimming. The children in my care always have a light snack before we go to the pool or beach, and then a late lunch once swimming is completely over. This precaution eliminates any and all queasiness, bloating, and cramps. There may be some changes in the schedule due to the availability in group seating for some venues.


Parents, please, please, please, go over the summer rules with your children. Disorder, disrespect, and unsafe behavior will not be tolerated. The first offense, a verbal warning will be given to the child as well as a conference with the parents. The second offense the child will not be permitted to attend the next field trip. The third offense will result in an early dismissal from the summer program.


Summer Rules

  1. Respect YOURSELF! Respect ALL others!
  2. Stranger Danger!
  3. Be CAREFUL & Play SAFE!
  4. Always LISTEN to your Childcare provider!

 *Summer Fun is here and three times (or more) each week, we will take fun field trips. Please be on time for all trips that you plan on attending. We will leave for all field trips at 10:00 am sharp, if you are not here at 9:00 am for the head count you will not be able to attend, so please be on time. Payment for all trips that require money will be due at the beginning of the week. Please keep this payment separate from the regular child care cost. Notification of absence for any trip will also be due at the beginning of the week. *June and July is strictly sun and fun, but August will be fun with school prep and readiness.

*For a contract, questions, comments, or ideas and suggestions please call @ 301-806-3500


Thank you, Your Childcare Provider


 *Please note: by the Maryland State law, it prohibits a childcare provider to keep a child in their care for more then 10 hours per day in one forty hour work week.

**All payments are due on the Friday before the service week. If Friday is a holiday, payment is due the Thursday before, payment received after 6:00pm Friday a late fee of $30.00 per day will incur.



We're always out having fun and exploring!

Please have all 4 of these items so your child can enjoy his/her summer safely! Student Supplies: Summer Care Activity Kit...Please have all 4 of these items as well as swim shoes so your child can enjoy his/her summer safely!
Summer Camp Registration and Payment Program
Please have all documents and forms filled out in its entirety and signed. All completed forms must be present at the time of registraion.
With the payment plan program you can save money on the summer activities. Inquiries are discussed on an individual client basis.
Summer Registration Application Agreemen[...]
Microsoft Word document [95.8 KB]
Summer Camp Program Information
This is to give you an idea of what to expect as far as our field trips, activities, supplies, and cost. This will give you a detailed view of all the things the children will be doing over the summer break. Please download and review. When you know what your child is doing you can have a great gateway to conversation with him or her about their day....Happy Summer!
Summer Registration Application Agreemen[...]
Microsoft Word document [95.7 KB]
Summer Fun Calendar!
2023summer calendarJuneJuly.docx
Microsoft Word document [247.1 KB]
Summer Fun Calendar!
2023summer calendarAugust.docx
Microsoft Word document [192.8 KB]
Summer Camp
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Activity Fee

1 Full Payment
Summer Camp Activities

In the "A.M." hour we work HARD!!! But in the "P.M." hour we play HARDER!!!

We're Here for You



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Saturday (12:00pm-2:00pm)

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We adhere to ALL safety rules and guidelines.  A mask must be worn at all times. 6 feet apart for social distancing. Wash hands often and use hand sanitizer when needed.


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